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I started writing A Certain Someone when I was pregnant with my daughter. My pregnancy was difficult and I wanted to read something engaging but light, uplifting without being Pollyanna-ish. I was staying in Kerry for some of the time and frankly the weather was atrocious. At one stage there was so much rainfall and so little photosynthesis that the grass didn't grow. So stuck inside, immobile as a beached whale, I began to write something I thought I'd like to read myself.

The character of Annie soon sparked into life and took over the story. I enjoyed the escapism but soon her real life dilemmas came to the fore and the narrative took on more complexity and nuance.

I didn't think in terms of genre but it naturally fell into a romantic comedy tone. Ireland was also emerging from the boom and bust years finding its feet again after the insanity of the economic goldrush in the late nineties and early noughties and then the crash of 2007 and the lengthy hangover of depression. So there was a certain amount of despondancy and questioning in the air.

Everything felt like it was at a crossroads and the story reflected that. But being Ireland, events were taken with a certain amount of bleak humour. Annie's fraught love life also became a for her a quest of values and what really matters. I hope the story resonates with you!

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