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After losing her job and her college sweetheart, ex teacher Annie runs back to the wilds of Kerry in Ireland to mend her broken heart. But despite vowing to win her ex boyfriend back, she soon finds herself entangled with two very different men. Mart a washed up soap star falls off his bar stool  into her arms and decides she is the perfect tonic for his flagging ratings and Scott the uber cool American photographer who she loves to hate. But it is the arrival of social climbing glamazon Philomena Crotty and former rival for her ex that reallly forces her to decide who is that 'certain someone'.

This is a laugh out loud, great read. It's a real page turner, and great fun but also full of insight as well as being warm and witty.

Neil - London


Annie is a great character, funny, accident prone, smart with a wicked sense of humour. I loved her rivalry with her arch enemy Crotty and the shenanigans in the goldfish bowl of a Kerry village. The central romantic plot sizzles along and there's a genuine tension about  how she is going to resolve her dilemmas. Loved it!

Gillian - Dublin


This is a fresh and funny take on the classic rom-com novel. It has all the components of a beach read - feisty heroine at a crossroads, romantic entanglements, bitter rivalries. But is goes beyond the cliches and is gripping from page one. Really enjoyable and written with a verve and bounce that will have you booking your flight to Kerry!

Patric - Paris


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