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A Certain Someone is a fresh and funny comedy of manners featuring a complicated, contradictory modern heroine who prides herself on her honesty but can't get confront her own prejudices and delusions about love and men. But just as she's lost everything, fate throws her a few curve balls that forces her to re-connect with what really matters. Can she call on her insight and inner resources to get her act together beyond a ready supply of one liners?


Ex teacher Annie's life is falling apart. She's lost her long term boyfriend, her highflying career and her looks, just when she was ready to settle down and have babies. She's in freefall, plunged into an early mid-life crisis. So she runs back to Ireland to be with her best friend. She soon finds herself stuck in a Sea Activities Hut on the edge of the Atlantic doling out wetsuits and lifejackets at a summer activities school.

Despite vowing to win award winning architect Rory back from the glamorous 'C' list size zero celebrity whose got her talons into him, Annie soon finds herself entangled with two very different men in the close knit community. Mart the washed up soap star falls off his bar stool into her arms and decides she's the perfect tonic for his flagging ratings. While surfing dude photographer hipster Scott keeps bumping into her in embarassing situations - usually in her greyest underwear.

 But it is the arrival of social climbing glamazon Philomena 'Grotty' Crotty and former rival for Rory's affections that really shakes Annie up. Now married to a billionaire property developer, Philomena has designs on both Mart and Scott and   is determined to get even with Annie. 

When trying to raise funds for a children's hospice, Annie is forced to go           begging to her former 'frenemy'. The scene is set for a comedy of manners that forces Annie to confront what she wants out of life and who is that 'certain someone'.                                  

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